Wine Tours & Cookery

Piedmont Aperitifs, Digestifs & Sweet Treats

The day starts with a scenic trip to the beautiful Spa town of Acqui Terme with a stop on the way to taste some of the delicious Brachetto D’Acqui wines that are unique to the area. This makes a perfect aperitif, sparkling and sweet with low alcohol content.

Once we arrive at Acqui Terme, there will be time to visit the natural hot springs in the centre of the town at Piazza Bollente and stroll through the cobbled streets lined with beautiful shops and cafés. There are also many lovely bars serving many traditional appetizers to accompany a glass of wine and restaurants serving some delicious Piemonte cuisine. There is also a fantastic ice cream shop here, which many say is the best in Italy!

After lunch, we will return through the vineyards to the Berta distillery ( where we will have the opportunity to visit their impressive cellars and taste some grappa, the traditional Piemontese digestif.

We will then finish the day with a sweet treat of amaretti macaroons ( , which are made nearby in the village of Mombaruzzo. The perfect accompaniment to end a meal with a hot cup of coffee.