Truffle Hunting

Truffle Hunting & Wine Tasting

We begin our tour at the Truffle hunters house, where you meet the Truffle Hunter and learn about the history and traditions surrounding the precious Truffles. You will find out what types there are, where they grow, how best to enjoy them etc.

You will then meet the special Truffle Dogs and venture into the nearby woods in search of truffles. During January to April, you may find the winter black truffle, in May to November – The Summer Black Truffle and from mid September to January – the famous White Truffle!

Following the hunt, you will return to the house to enjoy a rustic lunch with home made pasta, local cheese, meat and if we have been lucky in the woods - some truffle, the meal is served with some delicious local red and white wines which are produced from vines in the surrounding vineyards.